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Computer Science and Engineering


The department of Computer Science and Engineering will see that the students from the department are adepts in adapting themselves to ever changing concepts and innovations with the belief that technology makes it possible to gain control over every realm of human life today. The mission of the department to impart knowledge of the subject accompanied with a high sense of integrity and commitment to the tasks, intended to promote the all round development and well being of humanity as a whole.


To be a Centre of Excellence that produces high quality and disciplined computing
professionals. They should be globally recognized as innovative professionals and
should be able to perform high impact research to cater to the needs of the society
while following the traditions and human values


  • Imparting quality education in both theoretical and practice in the discipline of computing
  • Providing experienced professionals from both industry and academia.
  • Establishing advanced laboratories and research facilities with the state-of-art technology
  • Conducting add-on courses relevant to thrust areas as well as overall development of human being
  • Encouraging students to take up co and extra-curricular activities with substantial involvement into societal and environmental concerns

Programme Educational Objectives :

  • Innovative, autonomous and ethical thinking: Graduate should be able to demonstrate the importance of the computing system, identify the significance of innovative and autonomous thinking with ethical values.
  • Written, oral, kinesthetic communication skills: To manifest the graduate capable of communicating effectively with entrepreneurs, interviewers, society, next generations etc. with enriched written, oral and kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills.
  • Active engagement and personnel transformation: To transform the graduate as a professional with a great character, enormous presentation skills and actively engaging capabilities along with the proficiency in many domains like mathematics, physics, chemistry, quantitative aptitude, management science, economics etc. with the knowledge in computer science and engineering as the strong base.
  • Analytical, logical and programming knowledge: To expertise the student in integrating analytical and logical thinking in designing and implementing engineering applications along with debugging capabilities
  • Changing the landscape of the computing world: To excel the graduate in changing the face of the computing world for fulfilling the deeds of the future with his/her investigations even after higher studies.

Programme Outcomes :

A graduate of Computer Science and Engineering programme will

  • Recognize and establish him/her self as effective professional by analyzing, designing and solving the real time problems with engineering skills
  • Demonstrate the communication, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in team work as well as an individual. Also describes writing and presentation skills along with effective gestures.
  • Apply innovative ideas, logical thinking, programming skills in fulfilling social needs, ethics as a part of profession.
  • Infer the new ideas to invent solutions for future problems by predicting the future of the computing world.
  • Formulate the knowledge for higher studies and research activities.

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