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H & S

The Department of Science & Humanities occupies a place of pride in Chirala Engineering College as it is the backbone for Engineering &Technology curriculum.  Keeping this in mind, Chirala  Engineering College established S&H  Department  in the year 2001.  It is a matter of considerable satisfaction to say that Science & Humanities Department is destined to lay strong foundation for fruitful completion of 4 year B.Tech  Course.  It marches ahead with the vision of our College by setting its own goals in the areas of teaching-learning process and is the liveliest place on the Campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge. The Department of S&H gives maximum importance to the student who is the main stake-holder and it has been established with a view to achieving concentrated  focus for the smooth migration of students having different backgrounds and varied abilities from Intermediate Level to the Professional Studies by inculcating practice - oriented training. 

The main concept of S&H Department is meant to cater to the needs of all new entrants providing them a well organized platform for their academics and overall development.  It pulls out all stops to create outstanding technocrats with advanced teaching techniques and learning –aids and it makes students professional not only in academics but also in Inter-Personal Skills, a vital ingredient for them to excel in the fast paced world.  In today’s heavy competition, the stress levels among the students are quite note-worthy. To make the students stress free and to develop the students’ latent talents the S&H Department involves and encourages them in Sports & Games too.

 It has a strong back up of about 15 faculty members with rich experience in academics.  The S&H Department is proud of its highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and committed faculty members.  The faculty members are sincere in taking the classes and are always available to students for clarifying their doubts.  They also plan the program of study:  solve problems  and provide valuable guidance to students.  They always aim at producing technocrats who are professionally competent, ethically conscious and socially responsible and also aim at the character building up of students. The annual intake is 600 students in all courses.  The Department comprises English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in its canopy. Thus, it has grown stronger over the years in terms of infrastructural facilities, well-equipped laboratories for Chemistry and Physics, and English Communication Laboratory with the software of  K-Van Solutions.


To educate the students with appropriate skills suitable for a rapidly changing industrial scenario and providing a holistic profile of students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas creating a cohesive environment among the slow-learners, increasing the intellectual and skilled technocrats for the need of an industry and cultivating employability skills among   students.


  • With unwavering attention and unflinching commitment, we  endeavour to make complete transformation of the students.
  • Grooming students’ dormant talents and preparing them for the competitive examinations from the I-B.Tech itself.
  • Imparting the life skills to the students and helping them in their personality development and acquisition of social skills in tandem with professional expertise.
  • Producing the students as responsible citizens and achieving overall development of them.


  • To disseminate high standard of education with state-of art infrastructure and rich experienced faculty to empower the students’ innovative ideas to cater the requirements of all stake-holders’ demands in the job market and provide creativity and communication skills for students.
  • To motivate and promote confidence among latent talented students and take up excellence in different disciplines.
  • To instill self-assurance among rural students by supplementing them with co-curricular and extra-circular activities.
  • To flourish ethical and highly motivated future technocrats with good human values, requisite skills and competencies.
  • To produce creative and innovative graduates of multi-faceted personality.


  • To enhance the employability of students by providing training in communication skills, soft skills and personality development.   
  • To provide opportunities to the students in preparation for Competitive Examinations by encouraging them to avail themselves of the outstanding English Communication Skills Laboratory.   
  • To be an academic unit devoted to the dissemination of knowledge, from an interdisciplinary perspective to empower the students of Engineering.
  • To impart need based education to the promising young talented who aspire to carve their careers in Engineering and Technology.


              The Programme Educational Objective is to promote academic competence and confidence through academic life.  It aims at being realistic in preparing students to meet the requirements of studying at college level. It specially aims at upgrading students’ proficiency in English to the level requisite for General Education Course.

    The Objective of English Language:

    1. Use reading skills (skimming, scanning, summarizing) to comprehend texts.
    2. Build language competence.
    3. Identifying ideas and supporting details.
    4. Relate reading texts to personal experiences, interests and cultural values.
    5. Understand short texts to be able to write and present book reports.
    6. Enhance vocabulary skills using contextual clues (definitions, synonyms, antonyms, word forms as part of speech, prefixes and suffixes)
    7. Infer meaning from context.
    8. Use prewriting strategies (brainstorming, clustering to generate ideas, present a point of view, and develop a plan)
    9. Use a wide range of appropriate Vocabulary.
    10. Write short unified coherent and well-developed paragraphs of 6-8 sentences on a variety of topics using two rhetorical modes, descriptive and narrative.
    11. Write a topic sentence that addresses the topic using logical organization (including main subject and controlling idea that are connected together).
    12. Revise writing for logic of organization, context, paragraph development, transitions, level of detail word form and choice and consistent register.
    13. Use the conventions of punctuation, spelling, capitalization and paragraphing and use them correctly
    14. Write grammatically accurate sentences.
    15. Understand basic academic listening texts.
    16. Understand new words when presented in text (language courses and college major courses i.e. Engineering, Business & Humanities and Sciences)
    17.  Understand basic academic texts, language courses and in college major courses.
           18.Understand reduced forms in spoken English    

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