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Current Job Title: Project MANAGER



Country: INDIA

Education level: Ph.D


List of publications:

  • A study on floral biology and pollination in Excoecaria agallocha, L (Euphorbiaceous) IFGTB journal, Tropical ecosystem structure. Function services Jan 2012 -1435-1436.P.Suvarnaraju, K .Henry Jonathan, A.J Solomon Raju.
  • Community Managed Micro finances the case of Danavaipeta, Andhra Pradesh JD Sophia, S.V.V Prasad, and P.Suvarna Raju M S Swaminathan Research Fundation Tamil Nadu India 2010. 
  • Facilitation makes a world of Difference in Danavaipeta, P.Suvarna Raju, S.V.V Prasad, and M S Swaminathan Research Foundation Tamil Nadu India 2010.
  • Pollination ecology of Ipomoea tuba (SCHLTD) G.DON 9 (CONVALULACEAE) Journal of polynology vol 47(2011):131-141, P.Suvarnaraju, A.J.Solomon Raju and S.Purna Chandra Rao.
  • Psycho hilly and melittophily in VITEX ALTISSIMA (Verbinaceae), Journal of palynology , VOL. 47(2011)97-106. K. Venkata Ramana, P.Suvarnaraju. J.Radha krishna , B.rajesh D.Sandhya rani . and Rashda zafar.
  • Psychophily and Melittophyly in Sida cordifolia L( Malvaceae) Journal of polynology VOL.47(2011)1-9, P.V Subba Rao, Rajendra Prasad, D Sandhya rani, AV Ragahava naidu, K.Sambasiva Rao
  • P. Suvarnaraju, B.Rajesh , J Radhra Krishna, Rashda zafar, , P.Hareesh Chandra, AJ. Solomon Raju, G. Ravi kumar Journal of palynology VOL. 47(2011)1-9.
  • Pollination Ecology of Caesalpenia crista (caesalpeniaceae) Journal on forest resilience biodiversity conservation vol. 56(2012)22-32P.Suvarnaraju, A.J.Solomon Raju.
  • Butterfly-flower interactions and pollination in some plant species P.Varalakshmi, A.J. Solomon Raju, B.Rajesh, D.Sandhya rani .J.Radha Krishna, G.Lakshimi Narayana, P.Suvarnaraju, Rashda zafar .
  • Pollination Ecology of Non –Viviparous mangrove, Sonnera-Tia Alba (Sonneratiaceae) advanced Journal of pollen spores research xxx-j 2013- vol 47(2013):41-50 P.Suvarnaraju P.Hareesh Chandra, Rajendra kumar , A.J. Solomon Raju.
  • A study on the flora and ecological health of sand dunes and beaches of Vishakhapatnam G.Venkata suvarna, S.Purnachandra Rao, B.Rajesh, N.Govinda rao , P.V.Subba rao, P.Suvarnaraju, advances in pollen spores research journal Vol .XXX( 2013) 91-112.
  • Reproductive ecology of Aegialitis Rotundifolia ROXB K.H .Jonathan , Rajendra Kumar, P.Haresh Chandra , , A.J. Solomon raju and P.Suvarnaraju advances in pollen spores research journal Vol .XXX( 2013) 1-8.
  • Pollination ecology of Soneeratia Alba (sonneratiaceae) - P.Suvarnaraju journal of palynology vol .49(2013)31-4511)Pollination ecology of Derris Trifoliata – LOUR(FABACEAE)Henry Jonathan, P.Suvarnaraju,D.Sunanda Devi , Rajendra kumar ,G.Lakshminarayana, S. Purnachandrarao, P.V.Subba rao and G.Ravi kumar journal of palynology vol 49(2013):173-180.
  • MIXED BREEDING SYSTEM AND ENTOMOPHILY INMalachra capitata L. (MALVACEAE) P.Suvarna Raju, A.J .Solomon Raju TAPROBANICA, ISSN 1800427X. December, 2013. Vol. 05, No. 02: pp. 131-137.
  • M. Rajesh, B. Sunanda Devi, D. Sandhya Rani, D. Rashda Zafar. Govinda Rao, N. Suvarna  Raju, P. and Solomon Raju, A.J. 2012. A Study on interactions of pollinators with Crotalaria retusa L. (Fabaceae). Advances in Pollen Spore Research 30: 121-130.
  • Rajesh, B.  Sunanda Devi, D. Sandhya Rani, D.  Rashda Zafar. Govinda Rao, N. Suvarna Raju, P. and Solomon Raju, A.J. 2012. A Study on interactions with Crotalaria retusa L. (Fabaceae). Advances in Pollen Spore Research 30: 103-110


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